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Homo Ludens

Play and desire are intrinsically linked for the adult queer individual. Our desire to play and our attraction to each other are aspects of our identities that we are trained to repress. In Homo Ludens, I challenge the normative constraints that restrict us from participating in fun by creating a space where we can be free to play and be sexual beings without having to cordon off parts of our identities to fit in. I facilitate play in a queer sexual context by creating games that represent different kinds of sexual and relationship dynamics. Through constructing an alternate reality filled with color and plastic, I create a place of release where deviant acts can be seen and enjoyed as just another way to play.

Solo Space, 2023

It Takes Two, 2023

Circle Jerk, 2023

Pass the Smile, 2023

Instructional Posters for Homo Ludens

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